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The Problem

The space in the temple has become insufficient to the growing numbers of visitors to the venue, as the population and the popularity has increased down the years.

The Solution

ISSO, under the leadership of Dr Kanti Patel, has embarked on an ambitious project of a Community Centre that will be a venue from small to very large groups to have events like conferences, seminars, weddings and the like.

This venue will have ample parking in the basement and on the three approach roads – Kolmar Rd, Wilmay Ave. and Wentworth Ave. It is designed to be modern yet connect to the architectural appearance of the temple which will be joined with the centre via a link building.

Description of the Centre

The construction comprises of two buildings – Main centre and Link building. The basement of the main building is meant to be a carpark with some storage spaces. Other areas are planned to be used as below –

Ground floor - Commercial kitchen with a large dining hall and two Multi-function rooms that can serve as classrooms for community education. Dining hall space is also designed to be converted to educational classes with the help of operable walls.


First floor - There will be a large hall, which can be converted into two smaller halls with operable walls.This floor also has two multi-function rooms, designed for corporate meetings and break out rooms for conferences.

Proposed Activities​

more coming soon…

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