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Shree Ramnavmi-Fast

April 14, 2019


On the day of Chaitra Sud Navmi, Samvat 1837, at 10.10pm, all the planets were at its usual positions and Vasant season was ongoing. It is in these circumstances that Almighty Shree Swaminarayan Bhagwan was born to Bhaktidevi and Dharmapita in order to uproot unrighteousness and establish Ekantik Dharma for the benefit of millions and millions of souls. On this very special day, all Satsangis should do an Upwaas. All Swaminarayan Mandirs worldwide carry out the Birthday aarti at about 10.10pm and then distribute the prasadi of panchamrut and pinjaari.

On the same day in Tretayug, Shree Ramchandra Bhagwan was born to Kaushalyamaa and DashrathRaja at 12 noon. Therefore we should do the aarti of Bhagwan at 12 noon on Chaitra Sud Navmi. Swaminarayan Bhagwan has emphasised his followers to do the Ram Navmi Vrat in both Shikshapatri and Satsangi Jeevan