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June 12, 2019

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* Shri Hari’s life mission completed, He resolves to return to His abode (Akshardham) *Unconsciousness of the devotees on listening to the word like Vajraghat of Shree Hari.*

Shri Hari’s life mission completed, He resolves to return to His abode (Akshardham) 

Suvrat said:- 

O, King! Then, on the ninth date of the bright fortnight of Jyestha month, at the termination of night, the Lord entertained a thought, by Himself, within Himself, as: 1. 

The mission for which, this incarnation is assumed by Me, has been fruitfully performed. There is nothing that remains to be done, on the surface of the earth. 2. 

The mighty irreligious demons and the kings, acting against Dharma and saints have been all defeated by Me, with My own bravery. 3. 

Those were born in anti-religious heritage; engaged in lust, greed, jealousy, anger etc. have been uprooted from the hearts of men, by pure science and self-valour. 4. 

Truth, non-stealing, celibacy, compassion and such other good virtues, born in righteous heritage, have been properly established by Me, in the hearts of people, on the surface of the earth. 5. 

The devotion combined with own respective Dharma, knowledge and the feeling of detachment has been inculcated, all over, by Me, in each house, for the spiritual welfare of all human beings. 6. 

Dharmadeva, Murtidevi and Uddhava have been emancipated by Me, from the curse of Durvasa; and also other Sages have been liberated. 7. 

All the Brahma-vidyas, Yogic arts and also non-violent sacrifices, have been propagated, on the earth, in respective people. 8. 

The recognition to: Gods, Brahmins, sacred fords, Vedas, genuine Shastras and saints has been propagated comprehensively. 9. 

Having done, the eradication of impious scripture like Kaula etc. and un-orthodox viewpoint, the perennial religion has been established.10 

For the happiness of all My dependants, the shrines and idols of Mine and Nar-Narayan etc. have been established. 11. 

Furthermore, for spreading the path of devotion, preceptorship has been established, for the twice-born members of religious heritage, has been established. And the mode of initiation is promoted. 12. 

For encouraging pious conducts, ‘Shikshapatri, the condensed zest of all genuine pure sciences, among My dependent people has been established by Me, on the earth. 13. 

The code of religion to all adepts, adherents of vows, householder men and women, saints and others have been meticulously preached by Me. 14. 

The ritual mode of observance of all vows, occasional religious festivals have been comprehensively explained by Me. So also, the technique of eightfold yoga (Ashtanga yoga), has been completely explained by Me. 15. 

The book (Satsangi-jivanam) has been made to be composed, under the authorship of Shatanand, for the upliftment of embodied souls, which will be born in Kali-yuga; and that is virtually completed. 16. 

Thus, whatever was to be done by Myself, has all been performed by Me. Hereafter, I have to go back, now, to My celestial abode, from this earth. 17. 

An event of Shri Hari’s ascend. 

But, all those, whoever has taken shelter at My feet, and have deep respect, love and devotion for Me, may abandon their bodies, at the same moment, today, when I have disappeared (from the world); they may not at all bear, separation from Me, even for a moment. 18. 

Therefore, I shall proceed to My Supreme domain, after doing their consolation; so that, they may be able to bear the pain of separation. 19.

O, King! Thus, having made such resolve, Narayan Muni, the doyen of ascetics, urgently sent for the dependants, staying thereover. 20. 

By the command of Shri Hari, both His brothers, Rampratap and Ichharamji came immediately. So also, their sons, Ayodhya- prasad and Raghuveera arrived, along with their mothers. 21. 

Muktanand and Gopalanand also arrived there. Nityanand, Shukanand and Brahmanand, also came there immediately. 22. 

Both Anandanand and Bhajananand and other important saints, led by Nirgunanand, quickly, came there too. 23. 

Brahmins, such as Dinanaath, Somasur, Uttam and many other Kshatriya householders, came there fast. 24. 

Ratnajee, Mayajee and other important devotees came as pedestrians. Jaya, Rama, Lalita and other leading women also came. After arriving there, having respectfully bowed down, sat near Him, as per etiquette. On that occasion, Hari addressed them as under: 25 – 26. 

Shri Hari said:- 

‘O devotees! You all indeed, listen to My speech. You all know Me well, as an incarnation of God, in human form. For whatever mission, this incarnation among human beings has been assumed by Me, all that has been completed by Me; and there is nothing that remains to be done. Therefore, now I shall return to My own celestial abode. Like wretched souls, I do not deserve to be lamented over. This is my command, which is to be obeyed. 27 – 29 

Unconsciousness of the devotees on listening to the word like Vajraghat of Shree Hari. O, King! Having listened to these spoken words of Shri Hari, which hit them all, like the thunderbolt, they suddenly fell on the ground, weeping, with their, extremely grieving hearts. 30. 

Some of them fell unconscious as if their pulses had stopped. Some were so sad, that tears of blood began to flow down from their eyes. 31. 

They all said that they could not bear His separation and urged with respect, ‘O Hari, take us with Thee!’ 32. 

O, king! Then, Shri Hari thought to Himself, at heart, ‘all these people will truly die due to my unbearable separation.’ 33. 

These people are to be protected at present, by Me, for the welfare of other human beings and for the propagation of the righteous path, established, on the earth by Me. 34. 

I would create hardening of their hearts, directly on the strength of Yogic mastery having thought thus, Shri Hari, infused courageous power in their hearts. Thereafter, when they got up and sat with their hearts resorting to courage, the Lord, who is the donor of favour to the devotees, while assuring them addressed them, as under: 35-36.

‘All of you should not worry. I am present here on this earth. I directly exist, in Vadtal, in the form of two idols of mine. Similarly, I reside in Srinagar, in the name of Nar-Narayan. I reside here, bearing the name Gopinath. Know me to be in this form. 37 – 38. 

I am also in Shrinagar (Amdavad/Karanavati), in the form of Nar-Narayan and (at Durgapur Gadhad), I am here, in the form of Gopinatha. There is no difference between these two idols at all. I am the same, here on this earth, indirect form. For those, who serve these idols for them, my direct vision would occur. These images exist, presently as direct replicas. 39 – 40. 

Indeed, I regard the worship of these idols as direct worship of Me. These idols deserve to be worshipped, by all of you, with the devotional sentiment. 41. 

So also, Ayodhyaprasad and Raghuveer are your Gurus; they too, have been designated by Me. Hence, they are to be respected by you, with due propriety. 42. 

You should all behave and practise as per the regulations said in the ‘Shiksha-patri’, every day; should and act as per your rights and duties. Do not be overcome by grief, at all. 43. 

Do not try to end your life, nor observe fast. One who disobeys My order, in this way does belong to Me, neither in this world nor in the other world.’ 44.

Suvrat said:- 

‘After hearing these words from Shri Hari, they all respectfully bowed down; and held with tearful eyes, His command, as final word.’ 45. 

They all respectfully bowed down and said with their folded palms, ‘O Lord Shri Hari! Let our minds stay always at your lotus feet. Please forgive whatever misdeeds and faults that may have been done by us, out of ignorance. We beg your pardon; please forgive us. 46 – 47. 

Whenever we meditate upon Thee, please grant Thy own vision. May there not be any obstacle in your devotion, either on our part or of someone else, at any time. O Lord! All of us should soon be taken in your own company, by Thee. We pray Thee, today after taking shelter at your feet. 48 – 49. 

Upon hearing their speech, Shri Hari said ‘Amen’ and also said that, He will now perform His daily routine and that they should all go to their respective places. 50. 

O innocent King! Then, they all again bowed down to Him, with respect, and slowly dispersed with broken legs and tearful eyes, to their places, thinking upon Him only. 51. 

O King! At that time many calamitous happenings occurred on the surface of the earth. Very strong fierce wind began to blow and many trees were collapsed, being uprooted. 52.

Fire, licking the sky with flames, burnt down number of villages. There was roaring thunder noise and impact of meteors stroke, on the earth. 53. 

Somewhere, there occurred shower of stones and somewhere there was bloody shower (from the sky). Freight arose suddenly in the hearts of people, at that time. 54. 

Minds of the saints also became impure, at that very moment. Even the powerful sun in the summer, lost its brightness and became pale, in the celestial path. 55. 

Devotees of Shri Hari experienced ominous signs. Males, felt their left side of the body throbbing, while women, felt their right side of the body throbbing. 56. 

Having noticed those, sudden ominous outburst, occurring, the experts in the science of omens thought that, these omens indicate the departure of Hari. 57. 

Preparation of Swadham-Gaman by Shree Hari on the day of Jeth Sud-10. 

Shri Hari, then, on the day of Dashahara (tenth date of bright fortnight of Jyeshtha), took bath, performed all His daily routine and distributed alms such as cows, to Brahmins, as per the rituals. 58. 

He again took bath, wore a washed dhoti and put on vertical Tilak mark, on his forehead again. He then, spread Kusha grass and sesame, on the ground, which was smeared with cow dung. 59.

He then, sat in Siddhaasana and concentrated His stabilised eyesight. He plied His own self, by Himself and became trans- perceptible due to brilliance. 60. 

Both, Nityanand and Gopalanand stood in front Him; Bhajananand and Shukanad stood on their sides. 61. 

Arrival of Parshad of Akshardham. At that time, up in the sky, innumerable aeroplanes of gods, and their attendants, the dwellers of three Heavens suddenly appeared. 62. 

He was being worshipped by those divine devotees, with celestial perfumes, heavenly flowers, as also by several Divine courses of service. Shri Hari proceeded to His own domain, along with them. 63. 

Up in the sky, while the gods, offered their worship, to Shri Hari, with great enthusiasm. On the way, great festival was celebrated, with resonance of various musical instruments. 64. 

While, the worship was being offered by them, some drops of sandalwood paste as well as flowers, fell on the ground, from place to place. 65. 

Very bright, dense and dazzling light was seen at first. Thereafter that light suddenly disappear and Shri Hari was not perceived by anybody, thereafter. 66. 

Just as the disappearance of dazzling bright lightning or of a flame of lamp is not noticed by mortal beings; likewise, His disappearance was not noticed by any persons at all. 67. 

Nityanand and all others were surprised to see that miracle. Given courage by Him, they all began to sing the name and praise of Shri Hari, very loudly. 68. 

Hearing the praise and songs of Nityanand and others, having understood that Sri Hari has disappeared, they lamented with extreme grief. 69. 

All the devotees then, gathered courage that Shri Hari had, urged them to retain. Apparently, after giving up their sorrow, they started singing His name, loudly. 70. 

They all remembered various incidents of Shri Hari’s life- span and passed their days sadly, whilst singing and sharing them, with each other. 71. 

O King! Do understand that, the ever proved image of Satchidanand Bhagavan’s incarnation on this earth, His life events and His vanishing, are all miracles, played by Him. 72. 

Only demons are puzzled by this miracle; but the devotees are not surprised, because they understand well, the richness of Yogic illusionary prowess of the Lord of Radhika. 73. 

Just as, while the spectators are carried away by the dramatic acting of the actor, the knowers of reality, are not cheated by that. Similarly, the devoted people are not baffled, by the sport of Hari. 74.

List of various scriptures wrote by Shatanand Muni. 

O King! Then Shatanand, the doyen of sages, was initially overcome by the grief of separation from Sri Hari. Yet, having got courage through the faithful contemplation on Him, he lived there, for one year. 75. 

Having completed, the treatise Satsangi-jivanam, and having meticulously revised it, he digested its entire import at heart. Then, he himself composed, the thousand names of Shri Hari (Harinama sahasrakam), as ancillary elucidation, along with an anthology, entitled as Sarva-mangala-stotra. 76 – 77. 

Then, the doyen of sages (Yogi-raja), Shatanand-Muni, composed an anthology named Jana-mangala, after taking the essence of Sarva-mangala-stotra, for the daily reading (Nitya patha) facility of devotees. 78. 

Thereafter, popular assemblies were organized, by the saints: Muktanand and others, at various places. Therein, the nectar of memoirs of Shri Hari, were heard all over, by righteous people. Having remembered those assemblies of virtuous devotees, were written down, with two hundred and sixty two verses, for the satisfaction of righteous devotees. 79 – 80. 

Having remembered the command, made by Shri Hari, for writing a book containing Shri Hari’s preaching, Shatanand Muni composed a book named Hari-vakya-sudha-sindhu (the sea of nectar of Hari’s speeches), throwing proper light on Dharma, knowledge, detachment and devotion to Krishna, in proper spirit. 81 – 82.

Shatanand Muni thereafter, composed another commentary: Anvaya-deepika, which expounds the meaning of Shiksha-patri, in a very easy and simple manner, for the devotees. He also wrote another book, named Uddhava-Siddhant for Uddhav- Sampraday. 83. 

Then, Shatanand muni composed other two Hymns, containing praise of Bhakti-devi and Dharma-deva, named Ashtottara-shata, in 108 verses separately. 84. 

Thereafter, that great sage (Mahamuni), celebrated Shri Hari Jayanti (birth-anniversary) festival and on that occasion, explained all the rites and rituals of Shri Hari’s worship, which was donor of all desires to the devotees. 85. 

Shatanand Muni was then, fully satisfied and contented with the thought of Shri Hari, continuously in his mind and heart. Furthermore, he moved everywhere, with his sanctified body, imparting knowledge to the seekers of emancipation, who surrendered to him. 86. 

O king! Anyone in this world who listens or reads the sport of Shri Hari’s vanishing from this world; and one who conveys it to others, both of them become free from the noose of Yama, due to His influence. 87. 

That Lord (Shri Hari), who is self dependant, remains victorious, in person, in the shrine at Vrittalaya (Vadatal), resembling the divine wish fulfilling tree (Kalpataru), for the welfare and good of his own devoted people, after destroying irreligious (hypocritical) propagation and after having promoted all righteous tradition. 88. 

Thus ends the sixty-eighth chapter entitled: ‘narration of disappearance of Lord Hari: His sportive gesture,’ in the fifth Prakaran of Satsangi jivan, the life story of Lord Narayan, also titled as Dharmashastra. (the rules of the code of conduct). 68