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Vijya Ekadashi

March 2, 2019


Vijya Ekadashi is a very important Ekadashi as Lord Rama observed it for the first time. By observing the Vijya Ekadashi Vrat, he was able to get the solution to cross the ocean for reaching Lanka. Vijaya Ekadashi is an auspicious day celebrated during the Krishna Paksha in Phalguna Month. The greatness of this Ekadashi is mentioned in the Skand Purana and observing of Vijya Ekadashi helps in removing all the guilt associated with sins committed and also helps in attaining victory.

  1. How to observe Vijya Ekadashi Vrat:

According to various Puranas, Ekadashi tithi is considered auspicious, and Lord Vishnu is worshipped on this day. On this day, devotees wake up early in the morning, take the ritual bath, worship Lord Vishnu by chanting the name Vishnu Sahasranam. A person should observe this fast for the whole day and perform Jagran at night by reading Vishnu Path, Vishnu Sahasranam. One should take a simple one tome meal during the fast. The meal may include Fruits, Vegetables, dried fruits, nuts or any milk products. The fast is observed from the night before Ekadashi and is broken the morning after Ekadashi after offering prayers and lighting a lamp.

People suffering from health problems, elderly people and children are not necessary to go on complete the fast on Ekadashi.